we would like to talk about “Eye extension” methods and two type of eyelashes: Silk and False mink.
when it comes to eye extension, there are two different methods that are used.

First method which is quite popular since some years ago is called single method. In this method, one artificial eyelash is placed on top of your natural eyelash.
There are 2 types of artificial eyelash. One is called “Silk” and the other is called “False mink”.
our costumers and we like False mink more because in this type, eyelashes appear to be less shiny and therefore more natural.

Second method which is popular among young girls these days, is called 2D-6D Volume lash. In this method more than one artificial eyelash is put on your natural eyelash which makes it look more loaded and full than the first method.

In each of these methods, you need to refill after 3-4 weeks. The refill will be to take a way some of the old eyelashes and replace them with new ones.

Most important thing is that in each of these methods you need to take care of them regularly and not to use oil and mascara. If needed you can comb your eye lashes.